Wear You to Le Grand Bal

Diorific Vernis 011 LadyWhat do you like to do on New Year’s Eve? Do you go out? I tried that once, in 1988, and then again, about thirteen years later, just to see if I liked it any better. I didn’t.

I like to stay home alone, except for one snoring child, and in the run-up to midnight I paint my nails. This year I’m going for Diorific vernis in Lady (011) on my fingernails and OPI in I Brake For Manicures (NL T29). My thinking is that I greet 2013 with my fingertips stretching towards heaven, my toes waggling daintily in the general direction of Hades. The middle of me is then nicely placed for earthly pleasures.OPI I Brake For Manicures

I hesitated between Chanel’s Attraction (which was so luminescent that it woke me in the dark of night to admire its shimmer) and the Diorific Lady, but was won over to the Dior side by the gorgeous packaging. The bottle is so chunky and heavy that it feels like a precious piece of jewellery in your hand. The golden box is pretty too, as is the little cardboard pedestal concealed within, on which the bottle rests.

Lady is one of four nail varnishes Dior offer in the limited edition Le Grand Bal range. You can see the full range by clicking here: four long-lasting lipsticks, two glosses, two sets of false eyelashes, a soft powdery gold shimmer eye-liner (very covetable), ‘gold dust’ loose powder, and the very beautiful Grand Bal Make-up palette. £60 gets you the palette, artfully fashioned into a Carnet de Dance, with the eyeliner forming the pen with which you would traditionally mark your card.

Gosset grande reserve

I feel I have been very frugal only buying Lady. And the OPI was a gift in Dower & Hall’s extremely generous customer goody bag. A certain amount of frugality is very important to set the right tone for the coming year, I think. More importantly, it makes it easier to justify the purchase of another home-alone Hogmany essential: alcohol.

The Venus from Versailles introduced me to Gosset some years ago. I learned to drink using spirits, so thought that wine was wasted on me until I tasted this, which really must be what they swig all day in Heaven. Gosset are the oldest champagne house, and have more then four centuries under their belt  – surely the perfect choice to toast the coming year? It makes an absolutely marvellous gift (for anyone bar a reformed alcoholic or a cultural abstainer) as it has the magical triumvirate of properties: Posh, Niche and Delicious (both to taste and to look at). It is the most gorgeous champagne I have ever tasted, and well worth saving up for. I use the empty boxes to store posters, so you can justify part of the expense as a filing purchase if it makes you feel better (and as long as your accountant doesn’t notice).

I keep the Astrolabe World Ephemeris ready to flick through, to see what the planets are up to in the coming year. Jools Holland’s Hootenany hasn’t taken the place of The White Heather Club in my heart, so I listen to music instead. This year, to honour Dior’s sterling work in the field of Limited Edition make-up,  I’ll be playing Wear You To The Ball by the Paragons.

I hope 2013 brings you all you wish for. Greet it with your nails looking beautiful and your hand clasped around a glass of champagne …