Update on product reviews for Inner Me Vitamin D and Dermaviduals® bespoke skin cream

Inner Me Vitamin D tabletsDo you remember that back in October I undertook two long-term product reviews? I met both Dermaviduals and Inner Me at fabulous destination shop John Bell & Croyden. You can get the background on Dermaviduals by clicking Have I Found My Dream Cream and the background on Inner Me by clicking Me, Myself and I, or if you vaguely remember the backstory, we can just press on …

The Inner Me Vitamin D tablets were a must-have purchase, at a modest £4. Such a cute and clever packet; pretty illustration (if you like to keep them propped up on your desk and in your eye-line, as I do); press-seal top (so that you can carry them in your pocket or bag); and small and easily swallowable (very important for the vitamin-novice).

After remembering to take them almost every day (incredibly successful remembering, by my standards) I now swear by Inner Me Vitamin D supplements. They do give me more energy (I am no longer having three naps a day, and often don’t have any) and since taking them I have had the most productive winter that I can remember.

Dark, blustery weather has always been a trial for me and we have had lots of that in the past few months. My Norwegian blood rushes to my brain in the gloaming time, and tells me that the wolf has eaten the sun and the sun will never come out again. Inner Me Vitamin D tablets appear to have combated this twilight slump in energy and optimism and I recommend them to anyone who has toyed with buying a sad lamp or just giving up and taking illicitly purchased Valium. Don’t do either – try Inner Me Vitamin D instead.

I can’t speak with any scientific authority on what the tablets have done for my body, but I hope and believe that they have done a lot. I am normally extremely sceptical about most healthy things, but the link between a lack of sunlight and the increased risks of Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis etc. have convinced me that a Vitamin D supplement is a sensible precaution for anyone who lives in the darker parts of the world, and does not have the most perfect of diets.Dermaviduals® Blending Bar

Inner me having done such good things for my psyche, was it too greedy of me to hope that Dermaviduals® could work similiar wonders on my phizog? Well, perhaps it was, but hooray, it did! Back in October, when I had my consultation with Donna, the slight redness around my nose and chin had been a fixture for years. I had got completely used to it, and it wasn’t extreme enough to seem worth fussing over. Donna and I also agreed that my skin was a bit congested, which seemed a reasonable price to pay for a frankly horrendous (non)-cleansing regime.

When I tripped away from Donna’s Blending Bar clutching my Dermaviduals® bespoke mix of Boswellia, Liposome Concentrate, and Butcher’s Broom Serum, I was curious to know how the trial would go. Being systematic about my skincare was something of a challenge, but  I resolved to try my best to keep my promise to Donna to a) use a gentle cleanser, and b) not to muddle up the trial by slapping on any old skincare product that caught my roving eye.

Vichy NormadermSo how did I do? I swapped my teenage cleanser for Vichy Normaderm – which I did remember to use sometimes, although there have been plenty of nights when I fell into bed with all my make-up on. And – to my huge surprise, as I am a faithless tart when a pretty new product catches my eye – I wasn’t tempted to stray from Dermaviduals®, and I attribute this to the fact that it began to make a difference so quickly. For the first few days of use I was using quite a lavish amount of the product, as I didn’t feel confident to swap from serum/oil and moisturiser to Dermaviduals® alone. But within a week I realised that a little went a very long way, and just one hazelnut-sized application of the cream left my face comfortable all day. Dermaviduals® Bespoke Cream

The redness lessened noticeably within three weeks of using dermaviduals®, and even when the weather turned horrible and we were all braving icy winds, my skin felt completely comfortable and the redness didn’t worsen. And now, after three months of use, the clarity of my skin has greatly improved and the general tone looks better: smoother and more even. It would be interesting to know what a second consultation would be like, as presumably the formulation would be adjusted to take into account the improvement that Dermaviduals® has made to my complexion.

The real test is, of course, would I carry on using Dermaviduals®, and honestly, if I weren’t writing this blog, I would. I think it actually is my dream cream, and I doubt that I will find anything that makes my skin look better. However, I have to be able to find, try and review new skincare products on here, so it would be crazy for me to commit to just one cream. (And I am a total product tart, let’s not forget that.)

Is it worth £50? Yea, yea and thrice yea, as Frankie Howerd might have said, had he used it on his wrinkles. £50 does feel like quite a lot to lash on a cream, but here are the important points to consider:

1. IT WORKS. This can’t really be stressed highly enough.

2. If you have anything you’re unhappy about, Dermaviduals® gives you a real shot at correction and improvement.

3. A little goes a long way. I’ve been using mine morning and night since October, and I still have some product left. I’ve gone through tubes of cheaper stuff in half the time.

4. How much will you spend on combinations of product to try to get the same result? A serum, a day cream, a night cream: it all adds up!

John Bell & Croyden Skin Analysis

If Santa left you cash in your stocking, turn away from the sales and spend it on these two products. I don’t think you’ll regret it. You can buy Inner Me at a variety of stockists, but you’ll need to get your Dermaviduals® in person at John Bell & Croyden – but that should be a treat, not a chore! I visited recently and had the age of my skin tested by the lovely Shelly Noor. Now, consider that I am *coughs* 39 and have smoked for 25 years and you will understand that I approached this with some trepidation. Shelly’s exciting machine told me that my skin is one year younger than my biological age! How’s that for a little lift to start the year? Shelly thinks that now that I have given up smoking (for a while: never say never again) and John Bell & Croyden have kindled a spark of interest in healthier living within me, we might even be able to knock an additional few years off my skin age over the coming months. Visit John Bell & Croyden soon, have a go on Shelly’s machine, and do let me know how you measure up …