Superdrug BB Cream 5-in-1 Day Cream (Light, 50ml)

Superdrug BB cream

It was the price that drew me to this, as the packaging is pretty basic and certainly not a box I feel compelled to keep on the dressing table.

Here are some of the claims it makes: *24 hr hydration* *imperfections concealed & skin tone enhanced* *antioxidant protection* *UVA/UVB filters* *SPF15*

The SPF15 is important to me, as I quite often leave the house without make-up, and without remembering to apply sunscreen, so I’m pretty much relying on whatever is in my moisturiser to look after me. (Yes, I know that’s not good, but I don’t have trucker skin yet … not on my face, anyway. Years of smoking means my right hand is tanned and my left not, which is why I can’t do compare and contrast two-handed swatching – not a pitfall I was ever warned about in my blissful smoking days.)



My mottled pawMy mottled paw bearing a blob of Superdrug BB cream swatchMy mottled paw wearing Superdrug BB cream swatch

First impressions of this cream are good: it’s tinted, but the colour isn’t too heavy. It certainly makes me look gleamy, which I like, and it has a light, fresh scent. It blends in easily – the consistency is almost wet, so the hydration element seems to be there from the get-go.

Superdrug BB cream basking in the pathetic English sun

Apparently the gleaminess is down to the Vitamin C, and the texture to the Hyaluronic acid and the Caffeine. These are the three ingredients picked out on the packaging, but the ‘whoops here comes the science’ list of ingredients is an impressive 4.5cm long. I suppose that might put off members of the scientific community, who understand such things, and also hippies (who generally don’t understand such things, but distrust on principle). I couldn’t care less personally.

I’ve just gone to show my tinted, gleaming face to the builders who are working on the kitchen. No-one shrieked, so I think it looks pleasingly natural. This afternoon I will test it on 30 five-year-olds. If there are no shrieks from them, I shall conclude that this is (for lthe price of a paperback) a B.B. cream as good to use and pleasing to look at as Garnier’s.

I still haven’t met a mass-market, high street B.B. cream that convinces me it has magic powers. I think they are just very nice tinted moisturisers with good agents. But I am a long-time fan of tinted moisturiser, so I am happy enough.

Bang for your buck? Yes, without doubt. Worth a try? Silly not to, surely, at RRP £8.99 (and with £2.00 off at the time of purchase and testing). I used Light (because I am pasty); you could use Medium, if you aren’t as pallid as me. Available in store and online: