Short Trip Essentials – beauty round-up

Make up essentials for a few days awayI’m off on a little family holiday, and with the cab booked to arrive in about six hours, it’s time to pack! Since I’m going to Paris: home to my great loves Sephora, Galleries Lafayette and any old pharmacy, I want to pack light. The products in the picture to the left are my short trip essentials.

The Rodial Instaglam lives up to the name: the Skin Tint (Capri) gives a beautiful light coverage, and the Instaglam Magic Pen is a subtle, but powerful corrective in areas where my tired face might need more help.

The Chanel pressed powder helps keep my skin’s natural inclination to shine like a bright (and slightly greasy) star under control, and always looks pretty if one is forced to powder in public.

The Daniel Sandler eye quad is versatile, and if I feel like dolling up for the evening, this is the product that will make my eyes sparkle and my mood lift. I think it’s day-friendly as well, if I’m in the mood and have the time to apply shadow. If I don’t have time for eye make-up – and I like my lie-ins, so that’s likely – then the Face Stockholm mascara is black and volumising enough to give impact to even the bleariest of eyes, and it’s extremely comfortable to wear.

The little peachy-pink pot in the photo is a Bourjois Cream Blush, loved and used so much that all the branding has worn away. A quick swipe of this reminds me and everyone else that I have cheekbones, and lifts my winter pallor just the right amount.

I’ve chucked in the Eyeko Fat Eye Stick (free with a magazine this month) just to have something new to try out before I get to the shops!

I’m only travelling (out) with two lipsticks – who knows how many I’ll come back with! The Chanel lipstick is Mademoiselle, a fail-safe, rosy, natural which always looks good. The Daniel Sandler lipstick is Marilyn, a bright, dramatic red, for those days on which Mademoiselle just feels too jolie madame and I want something with more oomph and impact!

Ruby & Millie bag en route to EuroDisneyCan you guess where I’m off too? There is a clue in the photos, and this is a family holiday. Just to make it very obvious, I’ve positioned the accessory of the moment atop my make-up bag. The bag is Ruby & Millie, bought at Boots many years ago now, and still going strong. It’s the perfect size to pack this lot in, and it’s my favourite travelling light bag. Oh, how I wish Ruby & Millie had branched out into luggage … choosing clothes to pack would be as effortless as packing my make-up!

The Chanel powder was purchased at the Chanel beauty boutique in Covent Garden, and the lipstick at Heathrow Duty Free! I’ve bought Rodial products through their website, which is easy to use and often gives great discount, but the products in this post were given to me at their recent Sculpting Bar launch. The Daniel Sandler products featured in this post were bought at BeautyMART, as were the Bourjois blusher and the Face Stockholm mascara.

Heartfelt thanks to those brave soldiers staying home to look after the cats: I promise to try to bring you back something lovely! xxx