Sephora Pore Clarifying Mask Review

Sephora pore clarifying maskThe Sephora Pore clarifying mask is an impulse purchase driven by the name – the French name that is. Masque à gommer désincrustant sounds like it means business, non?

I have combination skin, with a tendency to congestion around the chin and flaky dry bits around my eyebrows. Could the Sephora Pore clarifying mask offer a cheaper solution than effective, but pricy, Glamglow?

The Sephora Pore clarifying mask is sold as a 2-sachet pack (RRP 2,50€), and you get 6ml of product in each pack. The instructions advise applying a thin layer to the face … maybe I have a particularly small face, but I’ve found that I can get at least three applications out of each sachet.

Once you have a thin layer of product applied to your dry skin, you simply leave on for one minute, during which time the mask begins to sink in and to dry, and then remove using your fingers, as this is a gommage.

I love a good gommage! My schoolgirl French tells me that gommer means to rub, and this fingertip friction works wonders on my skin and my mood. I find rubbing away at the product very satisfying, and I particularly enjoy looking at all the gunk that collects in the sink as a result. It looks exactly like the mess I get when I use a soft pencil rubber to vigorously erase dirty marks from my keyboard – one of my favourite cleaning activities. Once you’ve got most of the product off with your fingers, give your face a rinse to remove what remains, and pat dry with a towel.

The rubbing will have brought all the blood to the surface, giving you a ruddy farm-girl glow, so best clean that dirty sink out whilst you wait for your hectic flush to calm down a little. After use, my skin feels soft, clean and receptive to product, so I like to follow up with a couple of drops of scented oil mixed into Embryolisse Lait-Crème-Concentré. After every use, I’ve found that not one single fragment of dry skin remains (even around my eyebrows), and it clears blocked pores and any resultant whiteheads around my chin.

Great Name? 5/5 – the French word désincrustant has Onomatopoeia Appeal for me.

Effective? 5/5 – I’m highly delighted with the results, and it couldn’t be easier to use.

Packaging? 3/5 – Sachets are handy for travelling, but I’d like a tube or a jar in the bathroom for regular use.

Scent? 2/5 – It smells fine, but doesn’t have a memorable scent.

Price? 5/5 – At 2,5 euros for 12ml this is excellence at a bargain price.

Will I re-purchase? Undoubtedly – although I will probably have to press 25 euro into the mitts of friends travelling to France, and ask them to facilitate a 10-packet re-up. Tragically, London no longer has a Sephora. Nor do Sephora have a UK website: the US site will ship to London, but I think it’s more satisfying to save your money for a Eurostar ticket, and shop in France. See the Sephora pore clarifying mask here at