Rodial instaglam Review

Rodial instaglam skin tint and Rodial instaglam magic pen correctorRodial instaglam is the range of face make-up offered by a brand famous for its (sometimes outrageously named) luxury skincare. Rodial offer the thrill of feeding our faces with Snake Venom and Dragon’s Blood – making skincare feel exciting and something that a Bad Girl can go in for. This particular Bad Girl likes  junk food, late nights and falling into bed without cleansing: Rodial Instaglam is what I use to ensure that my bad habits don’t show on my face the morning after!

Smartly packaged in black and silver, the instaglam range includes Primer, Skin Tint, Eye Tint, Powders, Correctors and Highlighters. The Skin Tint comes in four shades, with Capri being the lightest and Rio the darkest.  I was given the Rodial instaglam SPF30 Skin Tint in Capri, and the Rodial instaglam magic pen corrector 01 to try out following the Rodial Sculpting Bar launch.

Rodial instaglam skin tint and concealer swatched

Rodial instaglam skin tint and concealer swatched

Rodial is a luxury brand, with a very high-end, ‘ladies who lunch in exquisite heels and travel everywhere by taxi’ feel. I had assumed – incorrectly – that the make-up line would lean towards the heavily made-up, polished to perfection, un-naturally natural that is just Not Me.

But on the contrary: instaglam skin tint is great for me because it really is a skin tint, not a foundation. It feels light on the face, and gives a lovely dewy look, but still manages to obliterate a shiny t-zone. You can build it up a little to cover any flaws you prefer to keep hidden, safe in the knowledge that every treasured, youth-enhancing freckle will still be seen.

The Rodial instaglam magic pen corrector is a fantastic concealer. A tiny dab with this creamy pencil takes out blemishes and blends perfectly. I envy people who can use concealer well; it’s a product I’ve always struggled with, and, as I’m too lazy to enjoy struggle, until receiving this, I had largely given up using it. The Rodial instaglam magic pen is so simple and effective that even a concealer dunce like me can get a natural result with it. I don’t have to mess about with brushes to use this,  and a warm finger-tip blends it in beautifully – without then removing it, which is the problem I’ve had with other pencil concealers I’ve tried.

Great Name? 4/5 – Rodial are good at names! Whilst instaglam as a name is not as arresting as Snake Venom nor as controversial as Size Zero, it really does sum up the product perfectly! Instant glamour on even your roughest day.


Rodial instaglam skin tint and concealer blended

Effective? 5/5 – If you prefer to see skin rather than a mask of foundation, than this is a product that you should investigate. If – like me – you’re in your 40s, you might have found that the tinted moisturisers that did it for you in your 20s and 30s aren’t quite doing it now: Rodial Instaglam can give you a bit more coverage AND make you look like you aren’t even trying – which is really the key to youthfulness, no?

Packaging? 4/5 – The packaging is smart and robust. Personally, I could do without the crystal set into the end of the Rodial Instaglam magic pen, but ‘for those who like that sort of thing, that is the sort of thing they like’. And it has helped me to find the magic pen whilst groping in my make-up bag during bleary mornings. I very much approve of the small nozzle on the Rodial Instaglam skin tint: you don’t need to use too much of this product and that helps to avoid over-squeezing and waste.

Price? 4/5 – With an RRP of £45 for 40ml of Rodial Instaglam Skin Tint and £25 for theRodial Instaglam magic pen corrector, these are undoubtedly luxury buys. If you’re intrigued, but hesitant to splurge so much without testing, I advise hot-footing it to the Rodial space at Harvey Nichols and trying these products out to see if they suit you as well as they suit me.

Will I re-purchase? As I am an impulse shopper who likes to chop and change my products, Rodial pricing is on the high side for me. However, one of the things that I greatly admire about Rodial is their Very Good Sales. At the time of writing, I can snap up another Skin Tint for £10, and if you’re interested I advise you to do the same whilst stocks last. They won’t last long!

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