Rodial Contouring Bar at Harvey Nichols – Instant Bone Structure!

Rodial Sculpting Bar MenuThe Rodial Contouring Bar at Harvey Nichols opened for business last year – just in time for early adopters to look très chic at Christmas parties. But I am moved to write about it today because I am full of cold and February flatness, and cheering myself up by remembering how extremely jolly and buoyant I felt after my Rodial Contouring Bar make-over, last November. It strikes me that now is the time we could all use a little hit of glamour, a bit of perking-up, and the Rodial Contouring Bar has glamour in abundance, and is guaranteed to leave you feeling full of the joys of (the still far-away?) spring.

I have a great fondness for Rodial for many reasons, but mainly because:

– every Rodial product I’ve ever tried has been extraordinarily enjoyable to use

– the prices can be somewhat eye-watering, but Rodial are generous with offers and sales, so the eagle-eyed shopper can regularly nab a bargain

Rodial marketing drives some big beauty bloggers into paroxysms of rage, and I love watching the big bloggers exploding in fits of right-on indignation.

Rodial are able to interest me in things in which I think I have no interest – like contouring products, for instance!

Contouring is one of those things, like brow-shaping, that divides opinion in a way that even Marmite can’t manage. I am not a Kardashian fan nor a Scouse Brow advocate, and admire the Jane Birkin school of beauty: looking like you can’t quite remember where you left your hairbrush and haven’t lifted an iron with intent in decades. So contouring and sculpting, along with perfectly groomed brows, rarely impresses me: I like things to look a little less laboured and American; a little more couldn’t-care-less and French.Rodial make-up line

Then Rodial hired Daisy Lowe to represent Rodial Conturing and I was instantly intrigued. I think Daisy Lowe is a fabulous model, and a truly memorable beauty. Her photos for Rodial were perfect: sculpted, yes, but with such a light and gentle hand! Every plane highlighted to perfection, every shadow inviting; but the overall look still clean, fresh and dewy.

Obviously, it helps to have Daisy Lowe’s natural beauty, but had Rodial come up with products and a service that could achieve similar effects on the general public? Even on tired, grumpy, fed-up-with-November me? Only one way to find out…

Daisy Lowe at Rodial launch

Rodial launchCakes and flowers at Rodial launchFlowers at RodialThe launch of the Rodial Contouring Bar was a busy, buzzing one featuring flowers, champagne and chocolate cake – and Daisy Lowe (whose manners are as beautiful as she is)*. I had my make-over towards closing time at Harvey Nichols, and despite making up so many faces, and answering so many questions, every member of the Rodial team I spoke to was full of enthusiasm for the new make-up products and the sculpting service. If make-overs intimidate you (they often do me) have no fear about this one: the Rodial Contouring Bar team are, to a man and woman, absolutely lovely, totally able to put you at ease and make your transformation a relaxing and fun experience.

Rodial Eye Sculpt swatchedI became completely OBSESSED with Rodial Eye Sculpt: a pot of brown shadow with a texture between mousse and soufflé, that promises to be the ultimate neutral. Here it is swatched on my hand (left) and pictured in the jar (top right in the photos above). Only a Vine could convey the ease with which this product can be worked, and then the sticking power it exhibits once set. Packaged in a weighty little glass jar, Eye Sculpt is the perfect luxury treat. Iconic and versatile: in my contouring session, Eye Sculpt*** was used to darken and shape my (proudly unkempt) brows into something more arresting, yet still natural.

iBeheld after Rodial Sculpting experienceMuch as I hate having my picture taken, I couldn’t resist a little preen to camera on arriving home (right) – which is an indicator of how happy I was and how pretty I felt: high on champagne, strong brows, newly discovered cheekbones and great chat with the Rodial team!

The Rodial Contouring Services are Complementary for the under-15 minute lip/brow/eye/bronze and day sculpt options. The more full-on services: the Red Carpet Evening Sculpt (45 mins) and the Mini Sculpting Facial (15 mins) are £25 but redeemable against purchase – and you WILL want to purchase!

The perfect treat for Self or Friend to banish winter blues: I can’t recommend this particular make-over highly enough.

Find the Rodial Contouring Bar on the Ground Floor of Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge SW1.


* and MUCH better than mine, seeing as how I forgot to ask Daisy Lowe’s permission to use the picture above, as I was too busy and distracted yakking with her and Sarah Reygate** about Sibling jumpers … I do hope she doesn’t mind …

** Sarah Reygate is an amazing Make Up Artist, fabulous conversationalist, possessor of beautiful footwear and has the MOST addictive instagram account. I’ve been lucky enough to have my make-up done by Sarah, and she can take me from drab to divine with just one product: she’s a genius!

*** I am now the happy owner of a Rodial Eye Sculpt, which I will be reviewing in more detail along with Rodial Glamsticks and Instaglam Skin Tint soon …