Perfectly Packaged Pommade Divine

Pommade Divine jarI have only recently noticed the heritage skincare product Pommade Divine, and it was the beautiful packaging that caught my attention. I love products with provenance, and Pommade Divine’s goes back centuries. Wrap all that history in a little glass jar, with a lid embellished with the sweetest ‘Start-Rite’ shoe style illustration of two little children, and an evocative name* … it’s perfectly me. So, how was it possible that I had been unaware of this delight until I spotted it on the shelves of Zen Pharmacy?

A timely press release revealed that although this product first graced the shelves of British pharmacies in 1800, Pommade Divine went through many incarnations, and some periods of dormancy, before a 2014 relaunch that now sees it stocked in ten countries. In London, you can find it at Liberty London; in Paris, at Colette. That lovely little glass jar is also available at net-a-porter.

Usually,on this blog,  I only cover products that I’ve tried and tested thoroughly. But, because I know that an unbelievably good sample sale is coming up at the end of the month I am being uncharacteristically frugal. And therefore, I didn’t give in to the temptation to possess that little jar of Pommade Divine immediately. So unlike me.

Travel-friendly Pommade Divine Natural Remedy BalmHowever, in stop-press news, it turns out that today, (and every day until March 14th), you and I can play a part in the further development of Pommade Divine through their current crowd-funding campaign. I am intending to stick in a tenner which will get me first dibs and a 29% reduction on the price of a Travel-friendly Pommade Divine Natural Remedy Balm: the production of this portable Pommade Divine being the purpose of the campaign. If it wasn’t for that afore-mentioned sample sale, I would probably take a punt on the £50 contribution which will get you two jars and three tubes (very good for gifting) at a 40% discount.

I felt this was a good post to put up on International Women’s Day/#strikeday as if you’re observing #strikeday, you might be avoiding shopping, and if not actively avoiding, then looking for female-led businesses to put your money into. Writing in haste means that I can’t be sure that this is a female-led business: but, I can tell you it’s fronted by Ania Richmond, a young woman who fell in love with the rich history of this ‘magic cream’** and was inspired to revive the brand. I’m very glad that she did: I’ve enjoyed reading up about Pommade Divine, and am now even more excited to try the product.

Find Out More or Simply Shop ‘Til You Drop!

Click the link to find out more about the Pommade Divine crowdfunding project.

To physically get your mitts on a jar of Pommade Divine with no further ado, I suggest you visit Zen Pharmacy in Knightsbridge, who have a genius buyer who ensures that this little pearl of a shop is packed full of intriguing brands.

*I used to DJ under the name of Pomme, so every time I read the name of this cream, I feel that it’s reminding me of my own goddess-like qualities.

** I love ‘magic creams’, also known in this house as placebo creams. My current favourite is Cold Cheeks Cream, but I’m running low …