Ouate de phoque?

Bourgois So Laque! in 46 Abricot Ouaté


Bourjois Abricot Ouaté

The colour isn’t the most obviously appealing or must-have, but something about this prim, peach pastel fascinates me.

One of five polishes from the COLLECTION SO LAQUE! ULTRA SHINE PARIS BUBBLE CHIC, Abricot Ouaté – like stablemate Rosé Merveille (no. 45) – is at the tame, conventional end of the mini-range which includes strong shades Bleu Fabuleux (no.60), Vert Chlorophylle (no.61) and Rose Imaginaire (no. 62).

It is an odd colour – kind of Sexy Sadie The Extremely Old Lady – and I LOVE it. On the fingernails it balances on a knife-edge between twilight home and high-class hooker: on the toenails it is simply classically pretty and flattering. I love reds on toes in the winter, but in the summer I find them a bit full-on. This makes your sandalled feet a bit less ‘Look, I can dance the flamenco!’ and more ‘Please excuse me, I’m late for ballet class. Ballet class in Le Marais.’

Bourjois Abricot Ouaté swatch

… all flaws in painting down to manicurist’s incompetence …

One of the best things about the So Laque! range is that just one coat delivers a great result – take the time to apply two and you can be sure of colour every bit as intense as the bottle cap. I am NOT a talented or patient manicurist and I treat my nails very badly, so if I can get three days perfect wear out of this, those who take better care of their pretty nails can, I imagine, get the one full week of wear promised by Bourjois.

I have yet to meet a So Laque! polish that doesn’t get full marks from me. But this deserves extra love for the great name – Abricot Ouaté translates as Apricot Cotton Wool, but OBVIOUSLY, no-one can read this name without thinking of the classic Carly Simon lines:
“You walked into the party
Like you were walking onto a yacht
Your hat strategically dipped below one eye
Your scarf it was apricot …”

And of course, once you have thought of this, you’re living it … so, when I have this polish on, I constantly have one eye in the mirror as I watch myself gavotte, and therefore rarely feel more beautiful, or indeed, more vain. Not so vain that I want you to see my face, however.

Bourjois Abricot Ouaté on nails

Auditioning for ‘Weeping Angel’

I tried to find a video of Carly singing You’re So Vain that’s as good as the pictures I see in my head when I’m wearing this polish – but it doesn’t exist. So instead, please enjoy James Taylor and Carly Simon singing Mockingbird: Carly’s feet and legs look AMAZING in this clip: click here for FEET INSPIRATION …