One Ring(maker) To Rule Them All: Dower & Hall

dower & hall exteriorAs I write this post, we are careering towards Christmas at a rate of knots. Some smug and happy people have all their gifts chosen, wrapped and ready to go; others – don’t. But there is still time! And time for shopping to be a pleasure (as it ALWAYS should be) and not a chore.

One of my favourite London shops is Dower & Hall, very conveniently located a (precious) stone’s throw from Liverpool Street Station. It’s a beautiful jewel box of a place, small but beautifully formed. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and the products? The products are simply beautiful.

Dower & Hall make fine things: beautiful things of precious stones and metal, that understandably cost and are worth thousands of pounds. But you don’t need an over-stuffed purse or a wealthy keeper to buy at Dower & Hall. If your wallet has a lean and hungry look, as mine does, this is still the store for you.

dower & hall 3mm round hammered band - Version 2Shall we look at some silver? I’m finding it very difficult to resist the temptation to stop writing this post, hop on the bus and snap up this gorgeous ring. It’s simple, strong, and if you had the great good fortune to be loved by the Norse God Völundr, this is, I think, the ring that he might forge for you. Neither Loki, Thor nor Völundr have ever fallen in love with me I’m sad to say. But I’m cheered that I can go buy this ring and pretend that they have for the incredibly reasonable price of £48.

Dower & Hall Severine
Perhaps your tastes lean more to the sparkling than to the plain? Dower & Hall have you covered. Their Feather collection has been hugely popular this Christmas, as has the Sévérine range (photo to the left). The name is a tip of the Homburg to the latest James Bond film: Skyfall. (Dower & Hall pearls were worn by Judy Dench in her role as ‘M’.) The Sévérine collection is a mix and match magpie’s dream made up of rose gold vermeil and black spinel and/or yellow gold vermeil and white topaz. I predict that there will be tears of joy across the land when blue Dower & Hall boxes are opened to reveal these pieces on Christmas Day. Dower and Hall Large French Blue Faux Jewellery Box - Version 2

Currently, Dower & Hall are offering their Large French Blue jewellery box for £38 with any purchase, which is a beautiful gift in itself. If you purchase anything from the Sévérine range I advise you to avail yourself of this offer. You, or the lucky recipient of your generosity will want to come back for more, and what better place to keep it all safe, sparkling and looking oh-so-collectable than in one of these?


I’m not going to talk about Dower & Hall’s precious jewellery in this post, or even about their pearls. I’m not even going to allow myself to wax lyrical about their Twinkle rings, which I adore. Instead, we’ll conclude by taking a look at the perfect token Christmas gift, to yourself or for anyone else: the Christmas tree decorations that retail at £10 each. Dower & Hall have made a new design each year now for quite some  time and I am at a loss as to how I failed to realise this until recently. Rest assured, I will be making up for lost time. I’ve begun my collection with the partridge to the left.

If you can, visit the store to make your final Christmas purchases and revel in the beauty of this British brand that puts quality and value at the heart of what they do. If you can’t, then hit the website and explore. If you’re reading this just a little too late to get delivery for Christmas, then why not consider adopting the custom of handing over gifts on Twelfth Night? There is nothing in Dower & Hall that won’t delight. They have even found a way to make the giving of a gift voucher a little more special with their ‘Dosh’ coins: very handy for the indecisive gift-buyer!

Finally, all the pictures in this post were nicked from the Dower & Hall website, which is why they look so good. I hope they don’t mind. Apologies to any reader that misses my blurry, out-of-focus trademark shots. I did take photos in the shop, but the combination of light glinting from gems and gold and my over-excited shakiness meant that they were unusable. I should probably ask Santa for a camera for Christmas. I won’t though. Why would Santa want to buy a boring bloody camera when he could treat me to something lovely from Dower & Hall? That’s iBeheld:  always thinking of others…