Oh, Sugar Sugar: Purely Natural 1 For All Body Scrub review

Purely Natural 1 For All Body ScrubThose nice people over at Purely Natural offered up some products for review purposes recently, and I was quick to put in my request to try their 1 For All Body Scrub.

Purely Natural offer a range of hand-made face and body products created using natural ingredients and certified as suitable for vegans. Regular readers will know that I’m NOT a vegan, but, I do have vegans amongst my friends and acquaintances, and it’s always nice to find new brands they might like, rather than falling back on the same old lines I’ve been giving them for years.

I’m also not one to fuss much as to whether a brand is natural or organic either. Being descended from coal-miners, I feel that it would be quite something if within two generations my DNA has morphed so much that it can’t handle parabens and sulphates. However, the Venus of Versailles came to visit recently, and her skin is currently something to marvel at. I truly haven’t seen anything like it outside of 1930’s Hollywood movie stars, where the luminosity and clarity was achieved using layers of glycerine and silk stockings stretched over camera lenses. On enquiring how the Venus had achieved this, I was frankly amazed to find that she put it down to going all natural, and organic whenever possible. Consequently, I began to entertain the possibility that there might be something in this natural/organic trend  …

Purely Natural 1 For All Sugar Scrub ingredientsSo I showed the Venus the ingredients list on 1 For All Body Scrub, and it met with her approval. All natural; simple, and with no false promises. The main ingredient is white sugar (something I’m very fond of), which is then blended with a mix of different oils (olive, walnut, vitamin E, rose-geranium, lavender, jasmine and jojoba). The end result is a lightly scented scrub with just enough oil to keep it all slushing nicely in the tub between uses. Because it’s natural, and therefore contains no artificial preservatives, you will find a Use By sticker on the bottom of the tub.

I have used the 1 For All Scrub several times now, and I’m VERY impressed with it. No danger at all of it hanging around, neglected, past the use by date. It’s far too good for that. The oil to sugar ratio is just right and has remained consistent with use – (there’s nothing more frustrating than the oil diminishing with each enthusiastic scoop of product leaving you with a tub full of grit). The scrub is gentle enough to use around the neck and chest, but packs enough punch to descale my leathery shins. I really enjoy how the sugar crystals evaporate as you slough, leaving enough oil on your skin to treat each limb to a relaxing, softening massage.

Purely Natural 1 For All Sugar Scrub1 For All scrub doesn’t leave an annoyingly hard-to-clean sticky residue in the bath – a pet irritation with some competitor brands, and a strong point in Purely Natural’s favour. My skin feels softer after use, with a comforting ‘seal’ of oil, rather than any sense of tackiness. I almost always forget to use any body moisturiser after using this scrub – and usually, particularly if I have also shaved my legs, I need to, but not with this. I’ve suffered none of my usual post-shave frenzied scratching since using this scrub to exfoliate pre-shave.

My tastes are quite baroque when it comes to packaging and I like everything to be pretty, luxe and flamboyant, which the Purely Natural packaging is not! But, plenty of people prefer a plainer style on their bathroom shelves and the packaging reflects the simplicity, transparency and informality of the brand very well. However, my inner proof-reader insisted that I kept the slogan ‘I will leave your skin feeling like a babies bum!’ turned to face the wall at all times. A singular baby has a singular bum, and a possessive apostrophe to go with it – and besides, I don’t want my skin to feel like a baby’s bum. I want it to feel like the priceless peau of a high-class courtesan, and am happy to report that Purely Natural delivered on this!

It retails at £7.95 for 200ml (which compares favourably with Burt’s Bees at £12.99 for 225g). You will need to pay £2.95 for postage within UK and Europe, and £3.95  Worldwide, but it’s worth remembering that the shipping price does not increase however many products you order. The 1 For All Sugar Scrub is certainly good enough to encourage me to try the rest of the range. If you are more sensitive than me (most people are) check out the 0 Tolerance, 2 Dry and 4 Oily skin ranges to find just the right product for your face and body.

Ah, sugar, it adds sweetness to life and softness to the skin. Sometimes, it can even set you up with a little flat in town, my dear … Have you heard  the fabulous Bettye Crutcher sing Sugar Daddy? It was a life-enriching staple of the Pomme et Granitte playlist … press play for an aural treat.