Natural & Organic Products Europe 2017

The Natural & Organic Products Europe 2017 show rolled into Excel London at the beginning of  April this year, and for the first time ever, I was in attendance. What got me off the sofa and down to Excel was the knowledge that one of my favourite companies, AllergyCertified, had a stand there this year – and I will grab any opportunity to catch up with them. But I didn’t expect to be so impressed with the show itself. Read on to see why I am looking forward to next year’s Natural & Organic Products Europe show with huge enthusiasm!

It’s a chance to catch up with old friends …


AllergyCertified at Natural & Organic Products Europe

It was wonderful to see AllergyCertified at the show. Any ideas I might have had about long, leisurely chats were not to be: I’m happy to report that their stand was very busy! AllergyCertified offer a rigorously tested mark of certified skin-friendliness that is recognisable to consumers all over the world; good news to brands seeking to highlight their product’s virtues in a sea of sometimes over-exaggerated claims; excellent news for consumers looking for brands they can trust.

Some of the AllergyCertified products on show at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2017

Pommade Divine

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Pommade Divine were Allergy Certified’s next door neighbour. I had mentioned in a recent post that I was taking a punt on their crowd-funding initiative without having actually tried the product, so good is their heritage and packaging. I’m delighted to report that this balm is gorgeously (and naturally) scented. The clove note is so addictive that I wish that they also sold pomanders … maybe one day they will!

Soley Organics

Soley at Natural & Organic Products Europe

I discovered Soley Organics whilst researching ideas for a gift guide for the Glass magazine. This Icelandic company’s simply packaged skincare is a real treat. I fell for their exfoliator on the very first use, and I’m loving their moisturiser more and more each day. It was great to meet founder Sóley Elíasdóttir at the show, and I’m looking forward to trying the Volcanic Clay Mask Sóley was kind enough to give me.

Soley Organics steinEY Mineral mask

Soley Organics steinEY Mineral mask

… and a chance to make new friends

As the Natural & Organic Products Europe 2017 show is smaller than ProBeauty, and way less crowded, you really get to explore and discover new brands. Here are just a few of the ones that impressed me:

Teen-Skin Actives

Teen-Skin Actives Breakout Express at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2017

Teen-Skin Actives Breakout Express

Packaging is always the thing that draws me in, and I like the simple but cheerful design values here: not too femme, not too butch; just perfectly unisex. As I now have a pre-teen in the house, I’m taking a personal interest in acne, and I need to steer a fine maternal course that means I can introduce good skin hygiene without inducing paranoia and self-consciousness. Happy to report that teen skin-actives breakout express gel has been very well received by my son. It’s keeping his spots under control, and calms breakouts without drying the skin.

Olverum Bath Oil

Olverum Bath Oil samples

Olverum Bath Oil samples

This has been on my radar for a little while, so I was delighted to find them represented at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2017. Now that I’ve used my samples, I am of the firm belief that a big bottle of Olverum is an excellent use of anyone’s housekeeping money. To put it simply, you’d have to have no sense of smell not to love this. It’s a perfect gift for hard-to-please men. I can’t detect any florals in this; just an intense, relaxing eucalyptus note that makes for the most luxurious soak you’ll ever experience. Extra points for perfect packaging. Treat yourself with no further ado.


Tincture at Natural & Organic Products Europe

Tincture and Eye of the Beholder have the same taste in colours

I was thrilled to realise Tincture were at Natural & Organic Products Europe 2017, as I’d heard about them at a recent press day, and  was desperate to find out more. Tincture are bringing beauty to housework. Yes, housework. Horrible, tiresome housework. This range of natural cleaning products is packaged with the reverence usually accorded to skincare, and if anything can reconcile me to hated chores, it’s nice packaging. Full marks to Tincture for a gorgeous stand, and thank you to Tincture for giving me some samples. Full review to follow as soon as I have actually done some housework. *hangs head in shame*

Find Out More!

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If you would like to find out more about the work that AllergyCertified are doing to create informed choice for consumers, follow them on Facebook. This coming Monday, the winners of AllergyAward17 will be announced – the event is taking place in London this year. Look out for the hashtag #AA17 on twitter!