Kate: The Kate Moss Book – Kate Moss and the Youngest Great Beauty EXCLUSIVE or, Gushfest (not): A Laconic Leo Meets A Keeps Her Own Counsel Capricorn

Kate Moss and the Youngest Great BeautyYou might have noticed that Kate Moss put a book out recently. It’s enormously weighty, retails at about £50, and Kate did some promotion for it, including a book signing at the Marc Jacobs shop in Mayfair.

My Youngest Great Beauty and I decided to go along and see just who was willing to drop £50 on a sealed book (shades of Madonna’s Sex days). The queue wasn’t huge, but it was a queue and we hate them, so we abandoned it to gaze into the windows of Purdey at nice socks, and then went off for something to eat. Once fortified, we strolled back and joined the line of girls, mostly in their twenties, all cradling expensive handbags and looking slightly furtive and ashamed.

The YGB decided she did want to splash her cash on a signed copy, so once we’d paid she was directed downstairs. Kate had been placed behind an enormously wide table, presumably to prevent any lunging, and the lights were low (so no peering in search of lines and wrinkles).

I stayed on the sidelines as ordered to take rubbish photos and marvel at the golden glow and sense of heat that La Moss exudes. This meant the YGB and Kate were out of earshot. But the YGB reported their scintillating conversation in full:

YGB: Hiya.
Kate: (smiles)
YGB: How are you?
Kate: I’m alright – you?
YGB: Not bad.
Kate: Yeah, me too.
YGB: Your nails are nice.
Kate: Thanks, I’m trying not to break them.
YGB: (retrieving weighty tome, now signed) See ya.

So what were those nails like, YGB? “Like an extension of her skin, but golden, like sand. Lovely.”

And what name did you ask her to put in the book, YGB? (In the queue, we had decided that we could make a fortune re-selling it if we asked her to dedicate it to Ana and Mia, or write “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” across the front page.)
“My name.”

And did she write it nicely? (YGB has a name that is very tricky to spell).
“Very well – the ‘i’ is bigger than the ‘l’ but I’ve seen worse.”

So there you have it – Kate Moss: she is very golden, she seems a few degrees warmer than everyone else in the room, she can write nicely and her mood on the night that she celebrated her own beauty in a £50 book was “not bad”.

That book by the way – is it worth the RRP of £50? Debatable. If you’re hoping for lots of fashion editorial you’ll be disappointed, but if you’re after acres and acres of nudie Kate, you’ll love it. It’s basically  just like a Taschen tome in hard covers and at twice the price. But it is probably a perfect gift for any Great Beauty under the age of 25, as Kate so dominated their beauty landscape that love her or hate her, they had to no choice but to look at her. It’s a nice retrospective, and it’s beautifully produced. You can buy it by clicking here.

AND/OR you could buy Madonna’s hilarious Sex book, by clicking here. Jefferson Hack edited Kate’s book, and wrote an essay for it that I have so far neglected to read. Quite brave of Kate to invite her ex to stick his oar in. Imagine how amazing Madonna’s Sex could have been had she handed editorial control to her ex: Sean ‘He Left Me Trussed Up Like A Turkey’ Penn. And how much, much more amazing if she’d got Jellybean Benitez in on it too.

AND/OR, you could buy Essie’s Shifting Power to channel Kate’s fabulous nails by clicking here

AND/OR, you could buy the amazing Nancy & Lee album, by clicking here and listen to Sand whilst you paint your nails and ponder Kate Moss in all her naked glory. Longchamp had the wisdom to choose Sand as the soundtrack for the little film below,  so press play and enjoy …