I am SPArtacus!

That lovely @MrsKellyLong was kind enough to send some SpaMagic and Find products this way. iBeheld LOVES getting stuff in the post  – and when I’d unwrapped it all I was delighted to find a fine assortment of product AND a button badge. Dead Sea Spa MagikDead Sea Spa Magik

Obviously, I can only wear the button badge if the statement truly reflects my opinion, so I got started with the two body products… DEAD SEA SPA MAGIK DEAD SEA BATH SALTS and DEAD SEA SPA MAGIK SALT BRUSHING



Oily baths and bubbly baths are staples for iBeheld, but I had forgotten all about salt baths. And it’s a loong time since I’ve been swimming in the sea. I like my baths at a temperature that only a lobster could love, despite KNOWING that this provokes my shins to itch like crazy. I deal with the itching by giving them a good rake with my nails – no sensible solutions like turning the thermostat down for me. I’m a hardcore masochist.

My previous experience of salt baths have been me dumping half a pack of rock salt into the water – a gritty, crunchy kind of experience. These pure white crystals are much subtler and dissolve faster and more thoroughly. I tested them after returning to Pilates from a long break, so I was pleasantly aching prior to immersion. A few minutes in and I’d forgotten all about my earlier exertions and felt very relaxed – almost mermaid like. And guess what? Despite the scalding water: no itching at all.

I’ll be adding salt baths to my regime, and there’ll be no more raiding the kitchen cupboard to make them. These are just better (probably down to the impressive number of minerals that feature in their make-up). If I’d had some in the house when I tried horse-riding, I’d probably have been able to walk again a few days earlier. RRP £5.50 for 1kg – and you only need a handful per bath. (Rock salt is £2.58 per kilo, and rubbish compared to this, so it’s really worth spending the extra money.)Dead Sea Spa Magik


Who doesn’t love an oily scrub? It’s written into female DNA, no? So like all of us, I’ve used a few in my time and wasn’t expecting any surprises from SALT BRUSHING. The instructions told me to stand in the bath or shower to apply to my dry skin. Being naturally disobedient, I thought, no: I’ll rip the packet open here and apply a little dab of it to my arm and take a picture. Well, that doesn’t work, because this isn’t the usual gloopy paste shot through with grains: it is VERY salty. Beautiful, pure white crystalline flakes of the stuff, and a few will bounce off your skin – and if you’re an idiot like me, bounce all over your nice clean floor.

Chastened, I stood in the bath wondering a) will these big salt crystals scratch my tender hide? and b) will it hydrate me when it isn’t slushy like the competition? So somewhat tentatively, I gave it a go. And it is very gentle – so gentle in fact, that proper scrub junkies might hunger for the usual sloughing effect. But my skin is really soft now – without me feeling that I have scraped and stressed it. It’s a delicately scented blend of Dead Sea salts, coconut oil and Vitamin E and a very pretty product. RRP £13.30 … but before splashing out you can sample a sachet  for a very reasonable £1.80. Buy either, both, or another marvellous product from the range by clicking here

Dead Sea Spa Magik


Conclusion? I love Dead Sea Spa Magik and can wear my badge with pride. It makes you feel a little bit like you feature in this fantastic offering from Malcolm McClaren … and who doesn’t need to channel a little ’80s fash-mag-steam-bath-Sappho every now and again?