Have I Found My Dream Cream in dermaviduals® Bespoke Skincare?

Thanks to the good offices of those lovely people at John Bell & Croyden, I recently had the pleasure of meeting the very friendly and skilled Donna at dermaviduals®, who had undertaken to mix me a bespoke skin cream. To get the right mix, Donna needed to know my current regime. To her eternal credit, she didn’t blanche when I confessed to taking off my make-up (occasionally) with Neutrogena Visibly Clear® Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash, slapping on a cheap moisturiser with an SPF15 for daytime, and using a night-time moisturiser augmented with Boots Botanics facial oil (quite often OVER my make-up). This is probably a fairly standard regime for a 15 year old, but, as Patsy Stone would say: “I am ‘thirty-nine’.

Donna suggested that I skip the SPF15 in the winter months, and requested that I break out the Dauphin and Caudelie cleansers that I own – and love! – in place of the Neutrogena. I promised. I like the Neutrogena, but Donna is right that it strips my skin a bit too much when used frequently, and the horrid truth is that it’s only laziness that stops me cleansing with gorgeous luxury products that require a muslin cloth or cotton wool pads.

Donna then asked me in which areas I felt my skin needed help, and agreed with me that my skin is congested (probably down to the horrendous non-cleansing routine) and that I have redness around the nose and chin – which is particularly noticeable because I am sooo pale. So my mix contains Boswellia, Liposome Concentrate, and Butcher’s Broom Serum. Watching Donna do her stuff at the Blending Bar is fascinating. I did glance up long enough to check the product range on the shelves behind, and I like the packaging – I appreciate the almost masculine simplicity, and I have a weakness for navy blue and white. To me, the dermaviduals® packaging speaks of a no-nonsense, medicinal approach, which is exactly what I want if I’m spending on something tailor-made to improve my complexion.

Donna asked me to guess the price – I’m usually bloody marvellous at this game, being a tight-fisted old witch. I guessed £85. I was WAY out. £50 is all that this cream costs. Regular readers might be raising their eyebrows that I’m using the word ‘all’, since I usually like my moisturisers to come in under £15, but honestly, if you can stretch to it, I think this is a reasonable price for a bespoke cream – if it sorts out the areas that you feel need improvement. Obviously, my final verdict will be in a few weeks when I’ve used it all up, but right now, I’m impressed.

To help while away the hours while you wait for a definitive opinion on dermaviduals®, here’s a video of the beautiful Viola Wills lip-synching for her life to ‘Dare To Dream’. If this skin cream makes me one tenth as happy as Viola looks here, it’ll get an endorsement from me.