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 Have made #pepparkaka all by my own self with the help of ready mixed dough from @scandikitchen and @georgjensen cutters! Am amazed! It is rare for me to open the oven door and squeal with delight, rather than fear. #scandichristmas #juliscoming #thepowerofpepparkake  Sharing my favourite combination for sorting simultaneous breakouts and dryness. #skincare #skincareroutine #skincaresos #sortsyourightout  After a brief break in service I resume the enormous @teamufyh task of sorting through all my beauty stuff. Today I give you: cleansing wipes and cotton stuff. I use the pretty, scented wipes every now and again as a little lazy treat but I rely on the unglamorous @huggies because I know that (in Scandinavia at least) these have been @allergycertified and so I use them for everything with no fear. @dhcskincare cotton pads are my absolute must have when it comes to taking off glittery nail varnish, as nothing else works as well. And I love the olive oil impregnated cotton swabs so much, that I have two boxes on the go: (the old box gets refilled with new swabs) The new packaging is pretty and ‘more beauty’ but I like the jolly family on the old box and all that lovely text. #unfuckyourhabitat #makeupclearout #simplejoysoflife #packaging
 More grocery shopping at @scandikitchen - the only kind of supermarket shopping that I like. All the major food groups represented: crisps, sweets, biscuits, and Thing-in-a-Tin. Oh, and the #remulade is there because I have been in thrall to Danish things since knowing @allergycertified but I don’t know how to eat this! #norskgirl #vikingpower #juliscoming  Benjy wants me to put my phone down and go to sleep now -his paws have been jammed into my face for the last 10 minutes. At least the claws are in, for now. #naughtycat #bosscat #catsruntheworld  Lovely to see @hrhprincessjulia yesterday for a chat about vegan product and a general goss and I think this might be the most well-behaved dog I’ve ever met! Discovered one cat had been hiding under the sofa throughout visit and super-impressed that this soigné spaniel made no move to root him out. #goodboy
 My hat looks like it is made from lurex but it is just covered in literal snowdrops. Like raindrops but more glittery. #ilovethesnow #getaheadgetahat  On the way home after this marvellousness #nanagram #bananarama #bananarama2017 #bananaramaliveanddirect  Last Thursday’s @colabhair event - HUGE number of fragrances to choose from now! My dreadful riah likes @colabhair (thank God - I have very fine hair that doesnt play well with product, even though it needs all the help it can get) and I can use @colabhair to add a bit of oomph and to avoid over-washing. I used to be a Paris and Tokyo girl, I’m currently a Galactic! #colablove #dryshampoo #hairessentials
 Benjy admiring my unusually neat feet, restored to looking human by the EXCELLENT Theola Reid at @spaexperienceuk at York Hall. Can’t recommend her highly enough! Any fellow foot-phobics like me who neglect their feet and try not to think about them until it all gets too much need to go see her right now! #beauty #pedicure #excellentservice #addtoyouraddressbook  Me messing around in my #alaiadress in my bedroom back when it had inherited wallpaper that used to drive me mad every time I looked at it. Hair and makeup done for @suetilley1 show earlier that day #cantdoselfies #crimpedhair  So I was up in the part of my flat where I smoke fags and read and I noticed a scrumpled bit of paper amongst the debris - lo, it is the very cover that I tore off the centenary edition on first (and only reading). SUCH a good job that I was too slutty and lazy to put it in the bin, as according to the Vogue doc. , THIS COVER was actually something that people will treasure and possibly the bigliest bestiest photo ever. LOOOL. Can’t wait to get my mitts on the current issue. #vogue #backinvogue #beautyswhereyoufindit #vogueormailonsundayyoudecide #topical #coincidence
 Eyebrow makeup edited. The @clarinsuk palette makes me feel like a proper Madame, so it stays. The @rodialskincare , @rimmellondonuk amd @unecosmetics pencils stay in too, but I’ve binned all the ones that are too light. My hair is dark brown, but my lashes and brows are black as night, so why I was messing around with brown brow colours is beyond me. All the @benefitcosmeticsuk things were cover mounts that I never got round to playing with, so I’m going to experiment with those. ALL my brow stuff now fits in one smallish box with ALL my mascara. The #unfuckyourhabitat #makeupclearout is really paying off. #eyebrowmakeup #eyebrowedit  People ask me why I don’t cook and I say ‘this is why’. #supposedtobe #pepperkaker #domesticgoddess  Poor sad dead thing I found today. So beautiful - not at all sure which type of bird it is. Made me feel very sad, and on a day when I didn’t think I could feel much sadder, so, one learns something new etc... #poorthing #mementomori #roadkill #perspective #capacityforgrief
 For someone who only ever bothers to pluck her eyebrows a few times a year (and often gets bored halfway through so only plucks ONE), I have managed to accumulate a surprising number of things to doll them up with. Time to edit @teamufyh style. #makeupclearout #eyebrowmakeup  Very sad to hear the news that we won’t see M. Alaïa in this world again. One of the very best experiences I’ve ever had as a writer was seeing the buyer’s show in Paris. Giving the lie to the idea that fashion people don’t eat, the kitchen was the heart of the Alaïa house, and how can you not love a man who provides you with lunch because he fears show timing has left you with no time to eat, and not just lunch but lunch and two puddings ❤️❤️❤️#alaïaforever