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 Looks like Billy couldn’t find the foundation he was after ... bastard cat. #catsagram #catsareevil #foundation #freethemakeup #wreckthegaff  The younger one settles in to enjoy a night of hotel room bliss with his Dad. I’m off home to try and get some work done. Bet I get NOTHING done because I’m missing him ... #boysrule #believethehype  This is my attempt at Jannson’s Temptation and although I know it looks disgusting, it is surprisingly moreish, especially when guzzled down with a bit of ham. #cookingwin
 Oops ... this just happened. #onepieceatatime #toomuchfashion #cheapwardrobe  Need ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts? Take a look at @theglassmagazine gift guide! My suggestion is this beautiful crystal heart from @moserglassworks ... ❤️❤️❤️❤️  King Oscar makes anchovies as well as sardines, and I have just used them to make Jansson’s Temptation. It did not go well. First, I was traumatised by how rabid potatoes get when you grate them - they froth and ooze, it’s horrible! And, when I opened the anchovies I yanked too hard on King Oscar’s ring and the anchovies exploded all over my Sibling cardigan I am so bad at cooking. I find it very traumatic. #cookingfail #prayformyknitwear
 Pressing #samplesale bag into service to give the cats something to scentmark that isn’t the wall they’ve destroyed, or the big cardboard box litter tray cubicle that they’ve been re-purposing as a drum kit from 3am, aristocats style. Poor Nicole Farhi, to be used in this way. #homesandinteriors #samplesales #catstagram #graciousliving #catsareevil  Haven’t seen any Norwegian stamps in a long time! #whatsinthebox ? More contenders for #allergyaward2018 Takk @allergycertified and @raorganicskincare_official I’m looking forward to trying these! #skinfriendly #herecomesthejudge  Spent a lovely rainy afternoon in Borough market with my friend Ju today ...
 Tried this @labiosthetiqueparis spray and mask combination last night. I’m VERY cautious about what I put on my hair because it’s so fine that other people’s ‘must haves’ can be overwhelming for me BUT this has left my hair feeling soft and strong and looking (for me) blessed with body. #haircare #finehair #finehairproblems  Ok so I have 49 products to test for @allergycertified #allergyaward2018 and more on the way! If any of my friends would like to help me out with this very fun process, please get in touch! I have a Princess cake in the freezer and I’m willing to buy more in for #skinfriendly helpers! #herecomesthejudge #allergyaward2018 #allergyaward  So as well as the @ysl shoes I also treated myself to this @prada skirt at today’s @theoneandonlydesignersale - and a green lurex top. I am taking this giving up smoking thing VERY seriously. The plan is to blow what I would spend in six weeks of smoking on nice clobber, and then every time I am tempted to have a sneaky fag, shout “SHOES” to myself as a reminder that I really do want to be smoke-free. Benjy is fascinated by the shoes and gave the left toe an exploratory bite whilst I was watching tv earlier.
 ❤️this always snotty nose and these pink jellybean  #catstagram #instacat #orangetabby #gingerboy #snoutshot #pawstagram #pinkjellybeans  Bill scrutinising the second box from @allergycertified - I think he’s measuring it up ready for ‘I Fits, I Sits’ contest with his brother. Without delving, I already see some brands that impressed me in previous years, and new ones I’m excited to try. #allergyaward2018 #allergycertified #skinfriendly #herecomesthejudge  I am quite in danger now looking at these @itsskinuk blushers. Very keen on a powderpuff, think I’ll be visiting @beautymartofficial soon ... #powderpuff #powderpuffgirls
 I went in to vacuum but can’t bring myself to break up this Valentine’s Day snuggle. #brotherlylove #catstagram #instacat #orangetabby #blackcatsofinstagram #getaroom  Billy takes an interest in the contents of the smaller parcel from @allergycertified because YAAASS it’s THAT time of the year again - JUDGING the contenders for #allergyaward2018 #herecomestgejudge #skinfriendly #allergycertified  Settling down with a coconut and Nutella yoghurt to break in my new shoes and watch @beautymartofficial on @qvcbeauty A very relaxing way to spend first day not smoking. #wishmeluck