Dearest Father Christmas …

CHANEL Pop-Up, Covent Garden

… could you see your way to making my Christmas wishes come true? I think I’ve been good.

1. Please, please let CHANEL decide to keep the Covent Garden Pop-Up Shop open.It was originally set to close in December, but I will feel lost without it. This would not just be a gift for me, but for London.

Dr. Jackson's 01 Skin Cream

2. As you know I am not one for pricey face-cream. I make an exception if it’s bespoke but generally, the thought of spending big money on a face cream is a bit abhorrent to me. HOWEVER. If you do have lots of ladies that want posh cream, please ignore the heavily marketed one that comes in a tub that looks like nappy cream and get them this one instead: Dr Jackson’s 01 Skin Cream. It’s amazing, it’s ethical and you can get it at BeautyMART at Harvey Nichols.

Blusherette tray

3. Ah, BeautyMART … Santa, I would never ask for cash at Christmas, but I wouldn’t say no to you setting up a little account for me at BeautyMART. Failing that, could you snag me one of their Blusherette trays? It would make my breakfast look so glamorous, and as the day wore on, I could eat as I walk! V time-saving.

4. Darling Santa, have you seen this MASSIVE bottle of 4711?4711 in the Land Of The Giants Isn’t it marvellous! Thanks to BeautyMART’s Millie Kendall, who showed me how the box falls away to display the glory inside … You can find this wonderful beast at BeautyMART and at the Garden Pharmacy.

Boudoir coffret

5. Oh Santa, lovely Santa, almost anything from Vivienne Westwood would be nice. I do love Boudoir, because it smells like gorgeous soap with a base-note of lightly worn knickers, and it’s currently at The Garden Pharmacy with a huge tube of body lotion included in the pretty box.


Queen range

6. Queen Cosmetics – my new and as yet unrequited passion, that I fell for on the floor of John Bell & Croyden. If it’s not too greedy Santa, I’d like the whole lot, but otherwise I’ll settle for the Eyelash Cream. Or the Suntan Lotion. Or the Seaside Cream …


Prettiest Storage Boxes The World Has Ever Seen

7. Dearest Darling Father C., do you remember the CHANEL Pop-Up before the recent makeover? Specifically, do you remember the beautiful little boxes that held lipsticks and nail varnishes in fearful symmetry? They have gone now to make way for glass and mirror and covetable bottles of fragrance in every size and shape. I’m wondering if Karl Lagerfeld has any of the little boxes gathering dust in his shed. (As a man of wealth and taste, he’s bound to have a lovely shed.) One or two or three or four of these would mean my messy room and haphazard beauty storage habits would be a thing of the past … If they were to fall out of Karl’s shed and into your sleigh as you swept through Paris, I would give them a good home and never breathe a word about where they came from, I promise.

Yours in hope, and with my warmest salutations,
your loving iBeheld xxx