Daniel Sandler INTENSE VOLUME Pro Mascara Review

Daniel Sandler INTENSE VOLUME Pro MascaraI was very excited to be offered Daniel Sandler INTENSE VOLUME Pro Mascara to try, prior to its recent launch. Daniel Sandler is a brand – and a lovely person – that I only discovered through blogging. It’s probably the most valuable discovery I’ve made! Once you try Daniel Sandler products, you’re pretty much hooked, as the products are innovative, and the quality excellent.

I am fussy about mascara. If I want to push the boat out and feel weight around my eyes, then I’ll stick on a pair of false lashes – so dramatic that they can be seen from 40 paces, and with a flap that’ll knock a big man off his feet. If I’m not in the mood to be that OTT, then I want a mascara that blackens, intensifies, and flatters. It must do all this, and then allow me to go about my day completely forgetting I’m wearing it.

Here are the physical challenges I bring to any mascara I try: I have deep-set eyes, quite feline in shape, and my lashes are naturally dark, but fairly short. The shape of my eyes means that although I’m drawn to big thick bristle brushes, that look tough enough to curl a fringe, these are really too big for me. I get on best with a fine brush, that I can use to wiggle the product into the lash-line as I’m often too lazy to hunt around for an eye-liner. This gives me a liner effect without smudge potential.

So I eyed the brush on the Daniel Sandler INTENSE VOLUME Pro Mascara with lust, but a little trepidation. I liked it – it’s tactile, bristly and fat. But would it like me? Reader, it did. And you can see just how much by clicking here to view the accidentally dramatic instagram photo I took – consider this was just one application of this miraculous mascara, with no other make-up at all. After that, I gave up on self-portraits, and handed over to the YGB for further testing. The photo (below left) is the YGB giving it her best Barbara-Daly-for-Stanley-Kubrick’s-Clockwork-Orange, to demonstrate the Daniel Sandler Intense Volume Pro Mascara vs. the un-made-up eye. And (below, right): both eyes done: total glamour in moments: no eye liner required.

Daniel Sandler Intense Volume Pro Mascara on eyesThe length is amazing: I think it gives a Shu Uemura false lash effect, but in seconds, and without effort. And with that length comes just the right amount of volume, and no clumping, clotting or spidery look: it’s drama that looks natural, and I love that. You might have noticed that the YGB, unlike me, has enormous eyes, with a nice amount of lid to play with – which begs the question: how comes this wonder mascara works so well on both of us, considering our physical differences? I believe it’s down to that brush, which – although it looks like a big round thing at first glance – Daniel Sandler INTENSE VOLUME Pro Mascara shown in profileis actually flat, meaning you can get right into the lash-line with absolute precision, and then get a fantastically satisfying sweep of product through the lashes with those juicy fat bristles.

Finally, here’s a shot of Daniel Sandler INTENSE VOLUME Pro Mascara as seen in profile. I think it’s very important to know what mascara looks like from the side: after all, when someone is looking at your face, they’re already committed. But when they’re looking at you from the side … so much more intriguing! If you click into the photo you will see that the YGB’s enhanced lashes now stretch out past the bridge of her nose, which sounds insane, but looks lovely. And I don’t think she looks at all ‘look how much mascara I have on’. In fact, she still looks every inch an ingénue, as a girl of her age should.


Great Name? 4/5 – It delivers on its promise and, judging by the enthusiastic reception it has had from leading make-up artists, is indeed a professional quality mascara. I’m knocking off one point because it doesn’t emphasise the amazing lash-lengthening qualities. What a churl I am.

Effective? 5/5 – Absolutely amazing. I haven’t spoken yet about just how comfortable this mascara is – and that’s a deal-breaker for me and the YGB. As long as you don’t pull silly faces whilst the mascara is still wet, then it won’t go anywhere. I’ve tested it in rainstorms and (sadly) at a funeral, and it stays where it’s meant to be (despite not being waterproof). I’ve also slept in it (not recommended), and my lashes feel fine the next day. The YGB, who rarely uses mascara these days, forgot she had it on and rubbed her eyes with no soreness or damage to her make-up, beyond a smudge that could be removed with a cotton-bud. It’s a fantastic formula, that isn’t drying or gluey, and comes off easily with make-up remover.

Packaging? 5/5 – Daniel Sandler cosmetics are boxed in smart, sophisticated black and a deep, dark gold. This mascara tube has a graceful shape, and (like many Daniel Sandler products), ergonomically it’s great: perfectly weighted and shaped in such a way that it seems to aid application. Particularly useful if you are an impatient and clumsy make-up user, as I am. 

Scent? n/a – Not really appropriate to judge a mascara on scent. And this one is fragrance-free. But, oh, I love the smell of mascara.  If you’re interested, Daniel Sandler INTENSE VOLUME Pro Mascara smells like mascara i.e. a little bit inky. You have to put it right up to your nose and give a hard sniff if that’s your thing, though, no over-powering scent!

Price? 5/5 – With an RRP of £18.50 this is an absolute bargain. Great quality, great price.

You can buy Daniel Sandler INTENSE VOLUME Pro Mascara here through Daniel’s website

Will I re-purchase? I don’t need to yet, but I know I will, and in a sense I already have! I recently took advantage of a Daniel Sandler flash-sale to invest in a few products that I’ve had my eye on for a while (including the beautifully named Baby Jet mascara, which I plan to review soon). My Daniel Sandler collection grows and grows, and Daniel Sandler INTENSE VOLUME Pro Mascara will be a staple – I’ll re-purchase as soon as I run out.

To find out more about Daniel Sandler INTENSE VOLUME Pro Mascara, and the many other products available from this beloved Make-Up Artist and Manufacturer, explore his website, and make sure you sign up for the newsletter! Daniel Sandler often offers treats to subscribers. Also, Daniel Sandler is well worth following on all the social media channels that you enjoy, particularly if you have a weakness for beautiful dogs and handsome men …