Coup D’Eclat et Moi – Love at First Sight!

Coup D'Eclat I was struck by un coup de foudre when I first set eyes on Coup D’Eclat Ampoules Lifting. I have a weakness for most things French – and I especially love their food, their strikes, their magazines, their magasins and their beauty products.

Coup D’Eclat retails at BeautyMART for £36.00, which works out to £3.00 per capsule. This is a bit of a big spend for me, and why I have, until now, held back on consummating my passion.

But I can wait no longer, for we are now in the pre-Christmas period. In the House of Beheld this means:

      – you haven’t done all your shopping (but enough of it that you’re already over-drawn)

– you aren’t hungry enough to have contemplated food shopping (and therefore have left it too late to organise online delivery)

– you’d love to be engaging in lunch-time and afternoon drinking (but have too many work and child commitments, so instead, you are thirsting and snarling instead of beaming with Christmas cheer.) The strain is showing on my face. If Coup D’Eclat can have me looking less like a wearied donkey and more like a joyful angelic host, it’s worth every penny!

I do admire the serenity of Coup D’Eclat’s little silver box: it’s very grown-up and makes me fantasize that I’m the kind of French woman that has an excitingly impressive job title – Minister for Something, let’s say – and still manages to have perfectly chic hair and modern, fashionable clothes. No British politicians can manage that.Coup D'Eclat ampoules

This box is packed full of little ampoules that promise to ‘eliminate signs of fatigue’ and ‘smooth wrinkles’. The active ingredients are ‘Natural plant proteins, Acmella extract and Provitamin B5’, which I immediately translate into ‘this is natural botox with a side-order of one of those Dr Feelgood vitamin injections that were all the rage in the ’70s.’ Already, I’m excited – which must be good for the blood flow, non?

There’s a LOT of product in those little ampoules! Each one contains 1ml of product, which doesn’t sound like much, but feels it when you’re sloshing it into your palms and over your face. I found one capsule gave me enough to cover my throat as well. You open them by breaking at the neck, and they’re tough little bottles, so you could drop one or two in your handbag with no fear of spillage or bursting.

Splashing Coup D’Eclat over your bare face gives an instant hit of refreshment, following which my skin does feel smoother to the touch and toned up: and it does, without doubt, smooth wrinkles. There is probably a technical term for the little vertical lines between the eyebrows, that one achieves by frowning, scowling and squinting. I don’t know what that term is though, so I call them Carines, in homage to Carine Roitfeld, who (like Eric Cantona) is proof positive that expression lines are super-bien et sexy. Coup D’Eclat undoubtedly minimises my Carine, and the lines on my forehead, which is nice when they look deeper than usual because I am knackered, but I’d hate them to disappear completely.

Coup D'Eclat 1ml ampouleWhat I REALLY like about Coup D’Eclat is that you can put make-up on afterwards with no risk of your base sliding away or beading up – which always seemed to happen to me when I used Clarins Flash Balm.

BeautyMART recommend mixing the contents with your base for best results; I’ve tried this using Embryolisse BB Cream, and liked the effect, but I think it would be even better with a foundation. I have a tendency to skimp on products and not use enough for fear of looking over-done; this means that for me, mixing Coup D’Eclat with base means using more base than normal, which is a little scary!

I wish Coup D’Eclat would release this product in thin ampoules that you could prick with a pin, as I’d be more likely to do the base-mixing trick if I could use fewer drops.

Coup D’Eclat will be more than a one-night stand for me; the coup de foudre has led to a long-term relationship. I consider it well worth the money for the psychological buzz as well as the tangible beauty benefits.

I bought my Coup D’Eclat Ampoules Lifting at BeautyMART Boxpark. I took advantage of their generous (and genius) Happy Hour Pre-Christmas Discounting to save a little on the RRP. If you can’t make it to a store, you can find Coup D’Eclat Ampoules Lifting on their website in the link above.

OOPS! Eagle-eyed beauty enthusiasts and geographers will notice that I have attributed kilos of Frenchness to this product that is actually made in the principality of Monaco! Merde alors! Well done Monaco, on such an excellent product: I still like it because it makes me feel French though.