The House of Chanel has been on everyone’s minds in the House of Beheld in recent weeks. Our youngest family member’s Textiles Coursework was to research and report on either John Galliano or Coco Chanel – he chose Chanel, purely because he liked the name Coco.

The brief included the requirement to draw key pieces and to review your favourite example of their work. When I was at school, a horrifying number of years ago, I don’t remember any homework being as exciting and inspiring as this – today’s Year 7s are, in this respect, a blessed bunch. I loved what my son created so much, that I pleaded with him to allow me to post it on here. Which makes this the very first Guest Post on Eye of the Beholder.

H Little Black Dress illustration work in progressH Little Black Dress illustration work in progress

All text and drawings are H’s own, and I have First British Serial Rights only on this piece. The images of the suit and hats are not his own, and I have broken my own rules in reproducing them here. But hopefully no-one will mind. As I dislike the common practice of publishers not paying for content, you will be happy to know that H received the princely sum of five English pounds for allowing me to use this work.

In the Mood for More?

If you are inspired to try your hand at a bit of fashion illustration, you might find these Mini Fashion Sketchbooks useful – H did.

Lots of fabulous fashion illustrators on instagram of course; my favourites are James Davison and Tyler Cookson.

Click the link to see how CHANEL see Coco Chanel (not necessarily the same way as a Year 7 Textiles Student does).