Chin-chin, Darlings! Here’s To The Success Of Concoction Club!

Concoction team at Selfridges pop-up shopI have written before about Concoction: the cocktail-concept shampoo that allows YOU to choose the scent-and-serums combination that will make your locks the toast of the town.  I have a Citrus & Black Pepper + 2 shots of Pump Up The Volume on the go at the moment, but I’m already planning my next purchase (Bakhour +Back To Your Roots + Pump Up The Volume). Why am I planning my purchase now, given that each bottle of  Concoction lasts me for aaaages? Because Concoction are launching Concoction Club, and I’m determined to be a part of it!

Concoction Club allows you (or, indeed, me) to play a part in the development of this innovative and exciting brand, by making a contribution to their indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. You can make pledges that range from £5 to £5000, and in return receive a package of well-thought out, good value treats and discounts. Concoction personalised bottles

Each pledge from £10 upwards gains you membership of the Concoction Club, discounts on RRP, and PERSONALISED BOTTLES. If you think my use of Caps Lock is a little over the top, allow me to explain why this personalised packaging is Wonderful News …

– Unless your bathroom is yours and yours alone, you will find that once one Concoction enters the house, others will follow. The scents are so lovely, the results so good, that your flatmate/boyfriend/child/Roger the Lodger will want their own. My son fell for the Lemon Verbena on a visit to BeautyMART, and so, in order to ensure that I don’t apply his High Definition Blonde custom-mix to my own dark hair, I have to resort to marking my Concoction with a Sharpie pen (right). His own Concoction remains impeccable, naturally …Concoction shampoo with home-made personalisation

– Who doesn’t get a frisson of delight from a little bit of personalisation? I’ve always loved having my name on stuff. I adored those stalls at fairgrounds in the ’70s, where you could have your name applied to a Bay City Rollers t-shirt in Cooper Black lettering. I had a little china bowl brought over from France that had my name printed on it, and this was Joy Itself, as les Français are the only people who would ever think to mass-produce something with my (real, top-secret) name on it. My children: the Youngest Great Beauty and the Youngest Most Handsome Male, are also out of luck finding named items in England, and would enjoy the novelty of printed personalisation.

There are some fantastically good bargains to be had through making a pledge to Concoction and these include the £10 pledge, which secures you membership and a Shampyou + Shots of your choice in a personalised bottle. If you use conditioner regularly, the £25 pledge will get you personalised Shampyou + Shots, Conditioner and a tote bag. But since there are three of us in this house who would all like personalised bottles, I’m already half-way to making the Blends With Friends package (see below). You pledge £108, and in return receive six ShampYou Base-Blends, twelve Shots and six Creme de Concoction conditioners. That works out at a discount of 40% on the products, one free t-shirt and two free tote bags and on top of that, invitations to Concoction’s 2014 Mixology Cocktail Party!  I’ve pulled out my calculator to assess the optimum pledge options available, and this one offers absolutely brilliant value. If, Gentle Reader, you and I are on private messaging/’trust one another with our bank account details’ terms, and you like the sound of this total bargain of a  pledge then please get in touch pronto and come in on this option with me!Concoction Club Blends With Friends

You need to move swiftly to secure your membership of Concoction Club! At the time of writing the campaign will be live for another 30 days, so don’t hang about too long deciding which pledge to make or blend to go for.

My enthusiasm for Concoction has not dimmed in any way since first encountering them a year or so ago, and they are a brand that I am determined to always have in my bathroom. Concoction are so impressive in the way they market themselves and the products are of such excellent quality that it’s easy to forget that they are a start-up and an independent company. The Concoction Club is a great way to play a part in helping them to develop and grow – oh, and have fabulous hair to boot!

Learn more about Concoction Club AND check out ALL the pledges to get your hands on the perfect, personalised haircare for you!

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