Bronze Buffer (Before & After) – The Self-Tan Remover You Should NEVER Be Without

Bronze BufferThe Bronze Buffer is a magic sponge that puts an end to tragic tanning mistakes. These soft, squeezable little stars can gently blend away and erase every tide-mark, blotch, stain and streak that stands between you and your perfect fake tan.Oh dear... self-tan nightmare!

Do you think it sounds too good to be true? That’s what I thought until Anna-Marie Solowij gave me a (much needed) demonstration of the Bronze Buffer in action at BeautyMART Boxpark last year.

Look at my fake tan foul-up (left) and quail, gentle reader. This masterpiece of mess was achieved using Bioderma Photoderm Autobronzant. It’s a lovely product, but sadly, spray tan and I just don’t get along, as I lack the patience and hand-eye co-ordination required to apply it. I think the photo proves this, don’t you?

Although I know that BeautyMART don’t make promises their chosen products can’t keep, I was still thinking it would take half a pint of turps and a team of brave men to get that stain off. Anna-Marie, wielding a pretty  little sponge dampened with water …? Really?

But … behold the Before and After!


Leg after Bronze BufferLeg before Bronze BufferA dramatic difference, no? And for me, the most remarkable thing about the Bronze Buffer was not just the disappearance of that horrible stain, but that the process involved was so delicate.Bronze Buffer after use

I’d braced myself for vigorous exfoliation, but the recommended action for application is ‘gently wiping’. You wet the Bronze Buffer with water, wring out any excess, and ‘gently wipe’. That’s it.  I could barely feel anything happening, and it took hardly any time at all. In the photo below you can see the sponge that Anna-Marie used to remove the tan stain – you can see it’s cut in half (extra economical, and that long side makes it easy to buff a big area like my leg).

I was sold right then and there – as you should be, for this is a genius product that no home should be without.

However, although I’d bought the Bronze Buffer, I then had no occasion to use it for months, as BeautyMART had also introduced me to James Read Tan: the self-tan range that is so easy to apply that even an imbecile like myself can’t get it wrong.

Fortunately, the Youngest Great Beauty did manage to make a tanning mistake that allowed me to whip out my Bronze Buffer and put everything right with just one wipe.

See the orangey splotch in the picture below to the left?

Now check the unblemished skin (below right), with just a few beads of moisture marking the place that the Bronze Buffer had restored to blotch-free perfection.

Now you see it ...Arm after using Bronze Buffer

The RRP on the Bronze Buffer is £10.00, and for that you get two star-shaped sponges. The star shape is designed to make it simple to tone down excess colour or streaks between fingers and toes. I’ve halved one of mine to have a long side for large-scale emergencies. The Bronze Buffer would be good value even if you only got one use per sponge, but they actually last a surprisingly long time.

The fact that they work so well and so quickly, means that an amateur tanner like myself can now afford to risk that golden gleam, secure in the knowledge that disasters are fixable in minutes. A round of applause to the beautiful and charming Paige Axel, who invented the Bronze Buffer and consequently, has made the world a better place – for those of us prone to fake-tan fiascos, and for those who have the misfortune to live with us. Here’s to the Bronze Buffer, and no more tear-stained tans!

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