It’s My Birthday and I’ll Buy If I Want To featuring YSL Opium and Nip & Fab

YSL Opium Dare To Be gift setThere are many, many things I love about being a Capricorn*, and high on the list is that my birthday falls during the January sales. It’s My Birthday And I’ll Buy If I Want To is my New Year Resolution and has been for many years! Anything I’ve shown HEROIC resistance to buying for myself before Christmas, can usually be snapped up at a discounted price immediately afterwards. In fact, this year I excelled myself and began online sale-shopping on Christmas Eve … Here are my sale season birthday beauty choices.

The YSL Opium Dare To Be gift-set (pictured above) came from I love Opium. My Mum wore Opium when it was first released, and to my youthful nose, it was the smell of Being Grown-Up, suggesting all the hats, heels, furs, fags and fun that that being grown-up entailed. I enjoyed some recent Opium updates – absolutely loved Opium Fleur Impériale and Belle d’Opium – but Opium Vapeurs gives me an instant headache, and Black Opium? Far, far too young for me: I find it cloying and needy, and hate the marketing. So it’s back to the source with this tiny bottle of pure Opium, and its accompanying teeny-weeny Rouge Pur Couture No.1 lipstick and nail varnish in No.6 Rouge Dada. I paid £25.00 for this and gained a welcome 100 points on my Advantage Card.

Nip & Fab skincare featuring Body detox, Bee Sting and Dragon's BloodMy other birthday sales blow-out came from, who were heavily discounting Nip & Fab skincare. I’ve been aware of Nip & Fab for some time, but only tried them last year, when I realised they were offering Rodial expertise (Nip & Fab are the little sister brand to Rodial) at a Rimmel price-point. I immediately became addicted to Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads – and I’m now such an evangelist that I gave a pot to the Belle as part of her Christmas present. No greater love does a woman display for her beauty products than when she presses them into  her friends’ hands …

But let’s get back to my grabby, grasping hands – what did I treat myself to, and why? The Detox Blend bath soak was an impulse buy: I’d given De-Stress and Yoga Blend gift-sets to some of my nearest and dearest at Santa’s command, and was regretting not having slipped some Nip & Fab bathing products into my own metaphorical stocking.

Loving the Glycolic Fix exfoliating pads doesn’t mean I have to be completely faithful to them … so I’ll be two-timing with the Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Pads. I’ve been longing to try something from Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood range – mainly because I like to believe that the dragon’s blood ingredient is drawn from the veins of those Beauty Bloggers who are so frequently enraged by Rodial’s flip and funny product naming practices.**

And the Bee Sting products? I love the packaging – that vivid yellow will cheer me up on dark mornings; and I like the name: Bee Sting makes me think of Clara Bow and twenties beauty icons of that sort. It promises pertness in a literal and metaphorical sense. There are five Nip & Fab products purchased and pictured above: altogether they cost me £28.65, and earned me 76 points on my Superdrug Beautycard. I plan to review these products as and when I feel like it later in the year.

Explore YSL Opium at here and find Nip & Fab skincare at here.

Did you splash out in the sales? Spill the beans in the comments if you did!

*Capricorn: the sign of Marlene Dietrich, Shane MacGowan, Kate Moss, Jesus, and me.

** Google is your friend.