And The Winner Is … AllergyAward16

AllergyAward16 display boardOn Wednesday of last week, I was in the beautiful city of Copenhagen to find out which skin-friendly brands had won the right to sport the AllergyAward16 sticker.

As faithful readers will know, I was one of the judges who contributed to the shortlist of products in the ‘Best skin friendly product chosen by consumers’. Having sent my choices and comments through to Lene and Ewa of AllergyCertified, I then had to wait to see how many – if any – of my choices had made the shortlist.

I was very happy to see that the list of nominated products contained three of my five choices and four of my favoured brands. I’ve used bold text to highlight my choices within the list.

The nominated products were: Coop Cold Cheeks Cream, Derma Man Shower Gel, La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Eye, Neutral Intensive Repair Cream, Nilens Jord Mineral Foundation Loose, Rudolph Care Lip Balm Kit, Zenz Shampoo 01

With the nominees announced, it was then down to the voting public to decide exactly who they felt deserved to win this category. I was able to hear the winner announced live, as I was a guest at the AllergyAward16 event. My intimates all know that I don’t travel well*, but so strong was my desire to be a part of this day that I overcame my fears and made two (thankfully uneventful) flights to be there. And it was well worth it.

AllergyAward16 at Mogens Dahl KoncertsalAllergyAward16 took place in Mogens Dahl Koncertsal, a white and airy space that was perfect for a day of talks by experts in allergy and regulation , socialising (over an absolutely delicious lunch), a drum workshop (!)** and the most good-humoured and very exciting award ceremony.

The AllergyAward16 winners are …IMG_3531

Best skin friendly product for children: Coop Cold Cheeks Cream

Best skin friendly product for women: Derma ansigtssolcreme SPF 15

Best skin friendly product for men: Zenz styling paste no. 06

Best skin friendly product household: Zebla sportsvask

Best skin friendly product for institutions/professionals: Decubal original clinic cream

Best skin friendly product chosen by consumers: Nilens Jord mineral foundation loose

IMG_3519I am absolutely thrilled that Coop Cold Cheeks Cream (pictured above) received the best skin  friendly product for children award; I might not have dared come home again had they not won! My son absolutely loves this product, and suggested to me that I maximised its chance of winning by nominating it five times over … I demurred, but I really think Cold Cheeks Cream should be a household staple and will explain why in more detail in the near future.

The hair brand Zenz (left) won Best skin friendly product for men with their Zenz Styling Paste no. 06. This delighted me as I have been using Zenz shampoo and conditioner for a year now and believe that it is really helping to improve the health of my thin hair. Zenz styling paste no. 6 is used by the family males to tame their enviably thick and – let’s be frank – completely unmanageable hair. Zenz have a very extensive and interesting product range, and I hope that they will have a UK stockist soon.

IMG_3524Nilens Jord (right) scooped the prize for Best skin friendly product chosen by consumers. It’s a well deserved win. I nominated Nilens Jord as one of my five choices, but I went for their mascara, rather than their mineral foundation. My friend the Belle of Brockley is more adroit with mineral foundations than I am, and she has taken the Nilens Jord Mineral foundation loose from my clumsy hands. I’ve held onto that bronzer though – I do love a bit of artistic carving in my powders.

I will be reviewing some of the fantastic products I’ve discovered through being a part of AllergyAward16 in a later post. Also on my to-do list is a firmly written ‘return to Copenhagen!’

IMG_3711This time around, I had no time to see the city, but I’ve come away sure that I want to see more. One bowl of lobster soup in a pretty restaurant is not enough!

And that enticing store I passed on my way to the super-efficient Metro must be explored … Not like me to be able to let a retail opportunity pass, but I was en-route to Mogens Dahl Koncertsal, and wouldn’t have missed a moment of AllergyAward16 – even for shopping.


AllergyAward17 will be held in London. I’ve already saved the date.

To keep up to date with AllergyCertified news, follow them on Instagram or Facebook, and take a look at their website. Also, keep an eye out for the big blue tick logo, which guarantees that potentially allergenic ingredients in the product you’re looking at have been certified to be at a low enough concentration to be skin-friendly.

*I once had such a fear-induced tantrum on a plane that the man with the misfortune to be seated next to me was given a bottle of champagne by the cabin crew to cheer him up.

**The words ‘drum workshop’ fill me with terror, but I shocked myself by enjoying this one. And it certainly gets you warmed up for subsequent outbursts of wild applause.