AllergyAward17 And The Winners Are …



AllergyAward17 took place in London, at The Royal College of Physicians in Regents Park: an appropriate setting for a day that celebrates skin-friendly science. AllergyAward is organised by the Danish company AllergyCertified, whose motto is ‘One World, One Label’ and who aim to make it easy for consumers all over the world to recognise products that are scientifically certified as skin-friendly.

AllergyAward17 registered brands

AllergyAward2017 registered brands

The day consists of a series of talks by experts in the fields of allergy, skin health, research and development, toxicology and regulation (and this year, with Millie Kendall of BeautyMART and Brandstand speaking: trends and marketing in the cosmetic industry) followed by the announcement of winners in the six different categories of AllergyAward.

This is my second year as a Judge for AllergyAward, and it’s a hard job! For AllergyAward17, I was one of the judges in the women’s category, and had more than fifty products to assess.

Allergy Award17 women's category contenders

Allergy Award 2017 women’s category contenders

Thankfully, I was able to call on friends (human ones, not just the cat) to help with the process of whittling down the diverse line-up until I had just five products left … Judges then send their top 5 products (in order of preference) to AllergyCertified, who then release the shortlist. The best skin-friendly product for Consumers then goes to the public to vote.

AllergyAward 2017 Best Skin Friendly Product for Consumers

AllergyAward17 Best Skin Friendly Product for Consumers nominees

And no-one gets to know who has won until the prize-giving ceremony. But now, the results are out, so *insert drumroll here*

AllergyAward17 Best Skin Friendly Product for: 

Women: Ecooking Multi Oil Perfume free
Men: oMoi Skincare Double Whipped Cream
Children: Änglamark Panthenol Balm
Household: Neutral Colour Wash
Professional: Zenz Organic Products Shampoo 01
Chosen by Consumers: Mascha Vang Selvtanner Mousse

Click on the links above to find out more about the brands through their facebook pages: all well-deserved winners who are passionate about making innovative, skin friendly products.

I am truly excited to be able to tell you that it is now possible to easily purchase AllergyCertified products in the UK, as the Zero Allergy shop has recently opened – so do click the link to explore the fuller world of AllergyCertified products. 

To keep up to date with the work that AllergyCertified are doing to create informed choice for consumers, follow them on Facebook.