You know how a beauty blog is  quite often all crisp images, how-to videos and whoops: here comes the science … well this one isn’t.

This is more smudgy snapshots and random thoughts.

It is subjective (the clue is in the name).

The Eye Of The Beholder …

… is short of cash, very lazy and likes instant results.

The Eye isn’t young, either. It’s been around for a while. So if The Eye says that something flatters its sphinx-like visage, anyone under the age of 2000 can probably be certain it will flatter theirs even more.

The Eye enjoys living in the East End of London, but sometimes ventures further afield if the canapés look good.

The Eye posts on objects of beauty that she covets, and thinks that you might covet them too. The Eye likes the links to work (nothing more annoying than a 404 message) and tries to check them regularly. If you find one that’s broken, please alert via the contact page.

Gifted Content and Sponsored Posts 

The Eye has no truck with little asterix symbols to show sponsored posts. If a PR or company has given me the product I’m writing about, they usually get a polite namecheck within the post and it’s always mentioned.

I’m a freelance journalist, and this blog is my space to write in a way that amuses me, not a commissioning editor. If I ever accept money to write something on here, I’ll let you know in the post, but it’s not something I expect to be doing. This website is done for the love of it; other writing is business.

Because I have to squeeze time for this blog out of what’s left over after work and family commitments, I often don’t get to post at all. That means that when I DO post, it needs to be about something I think is really good.

And because I’m a fashion and beauty journalist, that often means that something initially came to my attention through my work, BUT if it’s won coverage here, it’s a product that is now absolutely one of my favourites and on my buying list.

Affiliate Links

I sometimes link to Amazon (especially when I want you to know about a book I’ve mentioned). I have an affiliate link with Amazon, but that’s currently the only one. 

The Eye feels you know her better after all this chat … so let’s get informal: you can call her iBeheld.