A Good Deed In A Naughty World … Aveda Light the Way™ Candle

AVEDA Light the Way candle 2013How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world. Portia; The Merchant of Venice, Act V, sc. i


Aveda Light The Way windowAveda celebrate Earth Month each year with their limited edition Light the Way™ Candle.Every penny spent on this (bar the VAT) goes to the Global Greengrants Fund (GGF).

Aveda’s partnership with GFF has been going for several years now, and since 2007, they have focussed on clean water initiatives. GFF work globally and at a grass-roots level: your candle purchase might pay for eight metres of piping in Morocco, or a year’s supply of clean drinking water for a person in Madagascar … You can find more information about GFF’s work on their website.

The pretty design on the box of the Aveda Light the Way™ Candle was created by students at the Association School in Ampasimanjeva, Madagascar. This village has received two grants from GFF and used them to build a safe community water source close to home.

The candle is made of soy wax, held in a 100% reclaimed glass drink bottle. Until now, the Light The Way candles have been fragranced with lavender, but this year the scent is inspired by Madagascar. 100% organic essential oils (sourced from Madagascar) including vanilla, cinammon and ylang-ylang create a subtle, sugar-and-spice aroma perfect for adding warmth and a promise of summer to chilly spring evenings.

Aveda storefrontThe Aveda Light the Way™ Candle would make an absolutely perfect gift for the environmentally friendly and socially conscious, but would a spoilt self-indulgent person like this candle too? Of course they would! It’s beautiful,environmentally friendly: good for the senses and good for the soul. It’s a limited edition with a RRP of £16, meaning that £13.33 goes straight to the Global Greengrants Fund. The remaining £2.67 is VAT, so let us hope our dear Chancellor uses it wisely.

You can buy the Aveda Light the Way™ Candle online here, or nationwide at Aveda spas and counters. Aveda’s commitment to Earth Month doesn’t end with the candle, and I recommend visiting your nearest physical outlet to see what other Earth Month initiatives they are running. The Aveda Institute in High Holborn (pictured to the left) is running a fabulous raffle – the prize is a hamper brimful with delicious Aveda must-haves; certainly worth buying a ticket or three to know that you’re helping Earth Month and possibly the lucky winner of a fabulous treat.

The Aveda Light The Way™ Candle is a purchase that for under £20 will bring warmth and light to your home, your heart and to the wider world. Doesn’t that sound like the most perfect way to celebrate Spring?


Thanks to Aveda for the image of the Light The Way™ Candle and box.